Virginia Tech - Microsoft: Secure Infrastructure Services

The Virginia Tech Microsoft: Secure Infrastructure Services primary responsibilities include maintaining the VT Active Directory (Hokies) and developing AD-enabled and AD-enhanced applications. Our focus is to provide a stable, scalable, and secure Microsoft-based computing environment at Virginia Tech.

We will accomplish this by performing the following functions:

  • new Microsoft applications, systems and services in a controlled and timely manner
  • future Microsoft technologies to showcase and highlight benefits, pros and cons
  • testing and feedback methodologies for existing Microsoft products
  • existing Microsoft technology and customize it for a university specific setting
  • computing infrastructure based on Microsoft technology and provide to university customers
  • Microsoft and open source technology to provide best-of-breed results
  • existing and "last-mile" service and support to avoid "dropped" issues
  • in-house hardware and software to gain greatest benefit from Microsoft relations
  • between Virginia Tech and Microsoft marketing, support and developers

What's New


An MMC replacement and web-based interface for IRM, 4Help, OU Admins, and users.


VTm:sis releases the VT WSUS system for Faculty and Staff.

Windows Domain

For more information regarding Virginia Tech's Active Directory, the Hokies Domain, or Windows 2000 / 2003 visit


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